We Take Recycling Your Junk Serious!

Sure, all junk removal companies say they "recycle" or that they are "green", here at Trash Can Willys we prove it. Every day we fill up roughly two large box trucks full of both local residential and commercial junk and unwanted items. Those trucks are arranged on our routes by our thoroughly trained crews. Any items that aren't broken, damaged, or just plain garbage are left at the rear of the truck. When our crew heads back to our headquarters the trucks are then offloaded with any items we can fix or re-purpose. When I say re-purpose I mean for example sometimes we'll turn pianos otherwise destined for the landfill into gorgeous coffee tables, or some old guitars into an end table or tires into swing sets... the list goes on and on depending upon the creativity flowing daily through Willys in-house creative elves!

When our crews have items that are still in good condition or would still be deemed use-able we truck these items off to one of the local charities, like this load below that was brought to the Epilepsy foundation today. We do alot of work with the Epilepsy foundation in Manchester NH and the soup kitchens, Goodwill, and Salvation Armies in the communities we serve.

Our junk removal crews also go to great lengths to recycle any precious metals and light iron that we can. Working hard to make sure we do our fair share in keeping the landfills as empty as possible. This agressive approach to recycling also benefits our customers. It allows us to charge less, since we are paying less at the landfill, to dump items that are still useful to some degree. This aggressive recycling policy allows Trash Can Willys to offer the most affordable pricing for junk hauling you can find in New Hampshire and Northeastern Mass.

Give us a call today and help us turn your trash into someone else's treasure!! 🙂


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