There is an endless list of what we can and do take for junk removal. It's probably best to cover what we don't take. The items we do not remove are as follows, if you do not see your item listed here, we take it:

Items We Do NOT Take:

  • Liquid paint that is not dry, oil based paints, stains, etc (see here for how to dry liquid latex paint so we can take it) - Get some tips here for getting rid of paint cans
  • Gasoline or any other flammable liquid
  • Any hazardous chemicals like acids, antifreeze, oil, etc
a huge pile of junk showing what we take

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Examples Of Junk We Haul Away

If you don't t see an item you want removed and disposed of listed below, do not fear! We can literally take away anything and everything except for paint and flammable liquids!

Please Note - Some items require additional disposal fees. Please understand these are OUR COSTS at a discount to dispose of these items, we do not make a profit on these items, we remove them as a helpful favor for our customers:

  • Televisions and monitors - $33 each (There are toxic chemicals involved in disposing televisions and monitors which makes them expensive to dispose of)
  • Mattresses and Box Springs $45 each (it's now a law that the metal and coils need to be separated from the rest of the materials adding cost to disposal)
  • Refrigerators and Air Conditioners $30 each (the freon needs to be professionally reclaimed from these, that makes the expense)
  • Car tires - $7 ea Semi-Truck Tires - $10 Cat Tires - Please Call

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