FAQ - How Do I Get Rid Of Junk Without Taking Off Work?

Answer - Trash Can Willys!

night and weekend junk removal

Option 1 - If we can get to the junk, you do not need to be there

If your junk is in a spot we can get to or you would like to give us a key to a vacant property we do not need you to be present during your junk removal service.

What we will do is, we call you upon arrival at the property, determine where the junk is, give you a price upfront, if you are ok with that price we will remove the items from where they sit. Once we are finished with the job we will call you again to take payment with a credit card over the phone. We can even send pictures to you via text from the crew drivers phone to give you additional peace of mind that your job was completed to your satisfaction. We then send a receipt of your payment via email!

Option 2 - You would like to be present upon our arrival but have to work

We realize you have to work, and if you don't work you might lose money!? Here at Trash Can Willys we are dedicated to trying to keep your junk hauling costs as low as possible. We figured it may be a huge inconvenience if you have to take off work to meet our crew during our normal business hours. This is why we have now extended our operational hours! We are now offering a 6 to 7pm time slots for junk pickup and removal on Tuesday and Thursday nights! Just like our other time slots, our crew will give you a courtesy call when we are on our way, typically 15 to 20 minutes before we arrive.

Option 3 - You have a situation that requires discreet services in the middle of the night

We realize odd issues can come up in life and when they happen you need someone in your corner you can count on. Consider us your rock. As long as we have a few days notice of your intended removal or move and what time it needs to happen we will be there. Our customers are held in the highest degree of privacy and our crews move swiftly. If we needed to we could have a 5 bedroom houses emptied in two hours at 3am on a Sunday night. Call us.

In the event you need emergency junk removal services NOW that do not fit the above options and it's after hours visit this page for instructions on getting fast emergency service within hours!

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