How To Get Rid Of Liquid Wet Paint!

Paint can sure be hard now a days to get rid of thats why we put together this quick post to help people out and keep the environment safe! Read below to find out how to dispose of wet liquid paint

  • The best way to get rid of old cans of liquid latex paint:
  • Find a well ventilated, preferably dry area (best if done in a garage that is cracked open!)
  • Buy some good kitty litter and find a thick short stick or old spatula!
  • Pop the top to the can of old liquid paint off (but don’t throw away)!
  • Pour in kitty litter filling the paint can to where the mix ratio is approximately 40% paint and 60% kitty litter (pour into 2 containers if you cannot get this mix ratio in one can.
  • Stir for 15 seconds with a stick or best is a spatula, be sure to get the air bubbles out!
  • Leave the top to the cans of paint off leaving the paint exposed to the air (Air is good, if you can put an oscillating fan in the area to move the air over the surface of the exposed liquid paint it will speed the process of drying the paint out)!
  • Leave for 8-12 hours, upon returning stir it first, then pour in enough kitty litter to be able to stir it one more time, now let it set again with the top off a few hours.
  • Continue to repeat this process until all the latex paint is dry.
  • Once dry, hammer the top back on, put a strand of duck tape over the top to keep it firmly attached, and dispose of in your regular trash
    voila! no more wet paint, no more hassle, no impact on the environment, and all is good:)

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