We Take Recycling Your Junk Serious!

Sure, all junk removal companies say they "recycle" or that they are "green", but here at Trash Can Willys we prove it. Every day we fill up six large box trucks with both residential and commercial junk and try our damndest to keep most of it out of the landfill! To be precise - 85%

We do our very best to recycle, resell, or donate as much of those loads as possible AND we can prove it!  Each of our junk removal crews work hard through the day so that anything not broken, damaged, or just plain garbage is salvaged in some way or another!

Some of the ways we save your junk from the dump:

  • We up-cycle certain items into useful and unique pieces to be resold in our junk shop or online stores. For example, the beautiful coffee table on this page was made in-house from a junk piano!
  • You may have seen we offer discounts on junk removals that have items of value included in them. Well, those items of value are sold in our junk shop at an extremely reasonable price! Just like the old saying goes "One man's trash is another man's treasure"!
  • We recycled over one million pounds of scrap metals just last year and donated $105,000 worth of items to local charities like the Epilepsy Foundation, Local veterans associations, Catholic Charities, and The Salvation Army!

Learn more about our recycling efforts here!

junk we recycle and donate
recycled and donated junk removal items
Purple Heart Coffee Table With A Recycled Piano Keyboard

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