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  • Our price is ALWAYS 30% less than any of these national franchise chains
  • Our owner works, we do not pay franchise fees, therefore our prices are simply less because we operate with less overhead
  • Our trucks are huge compared to every single local competitor - this means we spend a considerable less time dumping which saves on labor, we turn those savings over to our customers
  • We are very aggressive on recycling, donating, and even reselling items we can upcycle or fix, this reduces the amount we pay to dump your junk and again turn these savings over to our customers
  • If there's items we can resell, we offer 50% of their fair market value as discounts on removing said items
  • We get paid (not much, but we are paid) to dispose of your metal items this gives us one more discount we are able to pass on to our customers

All the above mentioned areas allow us to offer the most reasonably priced junk removal services you will find anywhere in New England and just another reason why you should get a free onsite estimate from us last as we will beat any price you get guaranteed! Our junk removals start as low as just $35!



Our Pricing Philosophy

"Make our junk removal prices tailored to each individual job to ensure our customers the lowest reasonable price they will find"

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Our Prices vs The Competition Further Explained

Most junk removal companies charge by volume taken up within their junk truck. We do not do this for a reason. Every junk removal is different so it really doesn't make sense for you the customer to be charged off a format like they are all the same. Here are some of the benefits to the way we charge and drawbacks to the way "they" charge:

  • If you have a lot of items that can be donated, we take this into account when pricing your junk removal. "They" - will give you a price based on how much room your load takes up in "their" truck. This price is formulated by assuming all your junk needs to be paid for to dispose of at the dump. This is not the case if your junk can be donated, recycled, or resold.
  • If your junk is being removed from curbside or a garage it will load pretty quickly. If you are paying "their" volume charge you are paying too much because "their" volume price is based off removing items from an average load coming from the second floor. This again makes you pay more than you really need to.
  • Their volume charge assumes everything is junk as mentioned above. However the old saying of "one mans trash is another mans treasure" always holds true. We discount loads taking the items of value into consideration as opposed to counting it as junk we need to pay to dispose of!

These are just some of the main reasons NOT to use a company like 1800Got&%*# and franchises like it. They just do not offer the customer the most bang for their buck by lumping all trash hauling jobs together using the same cookie cutter pricing structure.

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One Reason The Competition Just Can't Price Like Us

Our staff retention rate is 90% yearly. This is double the industry average. Its because we treat and pay our staff as professionals. This means our crews are better equipped at estimating jobs in a way to save our customers money, ensuring a repeat customer for life. Our drivers are not only thoroughly trained at properly sorting loads with regard to what we can recycle and donate. In addition, and more importantly, they have been trained in recognizing items of value and determining their fair market price. This translates to more discounted junk removal prices for our customers.

Examples Of Our Pricing WITHOUT our Coupons & Discounts

Lets face it. No one wants to pay alot to have junk removed. We understand this and are here to help. That said... There are many systems we have put in place to keep costs low for our customers to keep them, you, coming back. Here's a few:

  • To everyone's advantage we recycle. Paper, glass, plastics, metals, batteries, if they can turn it in to something else, we're letting em! Last year we recycled 500,000 lbs!! How's that... impressed?!! 
  • Well, we donate anything that falls in between garbage and recycling to the less fortunate too! Toys, furniture, books, computers, even canned goods and clothes, isn't that great?!! Well it sure helps people and the Epilepsy foundation... 
  • How about this if that wasn't enough... would it be stupendous if our pick ups started at just $35?!! That's 2 guys, with a 17' box truck, coming in to your home, removing your junk, cleaning up, and taking good care of it... that's impressive right? 
  • Ok one last whopper from Ole Willy himself for ya - HE'll PAY YOU FOR YOUR JUNK! That's right the crazy old fart will pay you for your junk! That's of course if he can sell it, you know his wife won't let him bring home all your junk?

Unfortunately If you came looking for an exact price, We are sorry but it's impossible without actually talking to you. for example:

  • Where are you? Apartment or house, or even tree house? 
  • Is it heavy? Does it need to be sawed up?? Do we need a piano hoist?? 
  • Awkward to move? Can you even budge it?? 
  • What needs to go - and no we don't take husbands or wives!? 
  • Do we need 3 guys, 4, willy's entire family? even cousin bob!?? 
  • Is it a bunch of little stuff, do we need a crane truck? 
  • Is it in a barn, on a third floor, on a church roof!??

Yes, we have indeed seen it all. Which leads us to the point, we could put generic pricing up here on the site but, truth be told, we honestly give you the very best price we can to earn your business not just this time, but 5 years from now when you decide to tackle the basement! It just wouldn't be fair for one of us to do that, so lets talk. Give Willy a call and if we can't figure it out over the phone Willy will swing by and say hi and see what we can do for you. Thanks so much and hope to hear from you soon!

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