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Sorry for any inconvenience - Please consider our year round, full service Junk removal

Pickups start as low as $35 - no job is too large or small, you just point, we do all the work! Call us now for a free, no obligation quote!

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The Most Affordable Dumpster Rentals In Massachusetts

Here at Trash Can Willys we like to think we help solve our customers problems. A problem we have noticed since we have been in business is dumpster rentals are really expensive!?!? There are really only 3 options for the "Do It Yourselfer" who wants to keep the costs low:

Option 1 - "I'll just load up the Explorer and take a few trips to the dump" - Who wants to spend all weekend loading stuff into their vehicle to take it to the dump all to find out maybe the dump won't take everything you have (good luck finding someplace that will), then you realize something has stained the inside of your car and then you realize what you spent on gas or dumping fees doing so. That stinks 🙁 Not a good option

Option 2 - "Well I guess I'll rent a Uhaul and do it myself" - Then you rent the uhaul, then you get the insurance of course, then its a gas guzzler like you would have never guessed, then there is a minimum at the dump (a dump isn't easy to find that accepts a uhaul and all its contents) and you may not even have the minimum amount, which means you will pay extra for trash you don't even have with you! 🙁 Again not a good option.

Option 3 - "Gosh I really don't think I need that big of a dumpster but I guess its the simplest choice" - Then you realize they not only have dropped a bus off for a dumpster in your driveway, but it looks hideous in the neighborhood, smells, and they are charging you to fill it but you won't even fill half of it. Again, doesn't make sense. 🙁

It seems there is no sensible and affordable way to dispose of trash / junk for people with smaller amounts of junk and not loads and loads of it... Well, you will all be happy to know we feel for you and have thought up a solution to your dilemma. Now remember, first we have already given to you our:

Possible Option 4 - Junk removal service where we do all the work. All you do is point and we remove your items from where they sit. The price is typically just a little bit above renting a dumpster. Pickups start at just $35! Try calling us to find out how this option compares with option 5!

But if you want to save that hundred bucks still and don't mind doing the work yourself here is another possible answer for your dilemma - Our New - Bulky Item Curbside Pickup Service


Areas Serviced

We service Massachusetts via dumpster rental services. Below are some of the locations that we have serviced over the years.





Behold The Glorious Option 5

Our 20 Yard Dumpster Rental - Just $349!! Compare To Dumpster Depot Pricing

Hands down the most affordable way of disposing junk in MA

  • Up to a 1,000 lbs free, only pay for the junk you have, no wasted space! Each additional pound is only 8 cents (Max 3 tons)
  • You can throw any type of household junk inside our mobile dumpster rental (**read below for Hazmat)
  • Need to dispose of TV's, monitors, refrigerators, and air conditioners?? Not a problem!** just $25 each - old tires!**just $5 each - All we ask is to load the extra charge items in the back of the dumpster so we can remove them easily for recycling 🙂
  • A Professional and friendly staff! Our employees love their jobs and it shows in our reviews, expect flawless service, flexibility the larger companies can't offer, and we actually care about our customers, sadly, something you don't find nearly enough now a days!
  • We know you may have friends over to help you, your dumpster rental will be on time every time!
  • A professional clean looking trailer, delivered fast, safe, and not a huge eye sore that smells
  • Have more than you expected for junk? throw it in! You certainly have the room!

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**additional charges may apply

So there you have it. Between our option 4 and glorious option 5, we have you covered. We pledge to our customers to give you the absolute best value and best service possible in the industry. We understand no one wants to pay to have junk removed, thats why we continue to give our customers what they want - A headache free, an affordable solution that just makes sensefor getting rid of junk, and a competent company that gives you A++ service each and every time. Feel free to google Trash Can Willys Reviews" you'll then know you're in good hands.

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How The Dumpster Rental Process Works 

  1. Call us and schedule your dumpster rental at 603-490-2177
  2. When we arrive we properly setup your trailer for safety and your convieience. The driver will then do a walk around the trailer for an inspection, note to the driver anything you see for serious dents of paint stains (if any), the driver will go through our policies, offer any helpful suggestions, take your drivers license and credit card information, schedule the day and estimated time for removal and be on his way.
  3. On the scheduled day and time frame we will arrive and if you are home discuss how the removal went for you, load up any dollies you may have used, take note of any additional materials on the load ie. tires, televisions, metal, air conditioners, etc.
  4. Our driver will then proceed to our recycling facility to remove from the trailer any specialty items: tires, televisions,
  5. We will then drop off your metal at our recycling facility and finally get a weight on your load of junk. If there are surcharged items and / or the weight of your load is over the free 1000 pounds your card will be charged accordingly and a final invoice / receipt will be emailed to you for your records

A very simple process. It all starts with a call and an order for a dumpster:)

Please Note - Some items require additional disposal fees. Please understand these are OUR COSTS at a discount to dispose of these items, we do not make a profit on these items, we remove them as a helpful favor for our customers:

  • Televisions and monitors - $25 each (There are toxic chemicals involved in disposing televisions and monitors which makes them expensive to dispose of)
  • Mattresses and Box Springs $18 each (the metal and coils need to be separated from the rest of the materials adding cost to disposal)
  • Refrigerators and Air Conditioners $15 each (the freon needs to be professionally reclaimed from these, that makes the expense)
  • Car tires - $5 ea Semi-Truck Tires - $10 Cat Tires - Please Call

Important Information And FAQ's About Our Dumpster Rentals In Mass

Please read the following, it is important information and may help you get rid of more junk or save money.

-Save Your Back! - We realize getting junk moved from your house, garage or building to the dumpster can be hard so save your back and rent a two wheel dolly for your dumpster rental period for only $15 or a four wheel dolly for $10

Good Advice - Contractor bags are essential to every junk clean out. We highly recommend using them as they wont rip or tear and you can use them for heavier items without worrying the bag will break. We always have a few boxes in the truck feel free to ask for a box we get them from Home Depot and charge the same amount they charge us, its purely to save you a trip 🙂

"Do I Need To Be Home?" - You do have to be home when we drop the trailer off as we need to get information from you and cover a few important things to make sure you understand everything. For the removal of the dumpster you do not need to be available and we will communicate all essential information to you via your choice of phone, text or email.

Free Metals!! - Metal is taken complimentary, meaning we take it off before doing your final weight. It will not reduce the rental agreement fee itself but it will not count towards your final weight. This is a courtesy to help you get rid of your junk metal, get it recycled, free of charge. Its good for our environment and we profit a very small amount from it as well. Please place these items either on the top of the load or in the very back of the trailer so we can easily remove them from the full trailer

"Do You Have People To Help Me Fill My Dumpster" - If you need help to load the dumpster you should be reading this page here

Items Of Value? - If you think the items you're throwing out may carry value? When our driver drops off your trash dumpster trailer please invite him to take a look at any items you think could carry value. All of our drivers are thoroughly trained to asses if your junk has value and may call our warehouse manager to confirm its fair market value. If we feel the item carries a value of $75 or more we will offer you a discount on your dumpster rental *as long as the item is not damaged when its placed in the dumpster. Please place these items either on the top of the load or in the very back of the trailer so we can easily remove them from the full trailer

- **Air Conditioners, Televisions, Computer Monitors - These items are surcharged at the amount of $25 each, size doesn't matter. This charge is needed to ensure these items are recycled properly in accordance with EPA and Federal regulations regarding Mercury / freon. Please place these items either on the top of the load or in the very back of the trailer so we can easily remove them from the full dumpster  - **Tires - Tires are taken but there are extra charges because of what goes in to disposing of them. That said regular car and truck tires are $5 ea, Semi Truck tires are $15 ea, and if you have large caterpillar tires please call us to discuss. Please place these items either on the top of the load or in the very back of the dumpster so we can easily remove them from the full trailer

What Happens If I Filled A Dumpster And Still Have Junk To Go? - Not a problem. Let us know and we will pickup the trailer, tally its total, and drop it off empty like you just started the process with us when possible

How To Load - With our dumpsters you can load however you want besides the specialty items on top or at the rear of the trailer. We just ask you to not overfill to the point we cannot put the tarp over the load or stress it causing it to rip. With the tarp over it, it is exactly 15 yards of trash

Weights Explained - As mentioned if you go over 1000lbs, no problem, we are glad we could help you get rid of all your junk! Each additional pound is just 8 cents

Time Overages - We realize sometimes things happen and you may not be able to fill your dumpster rental as fast as you thought. Thats ok, we understand, but our next customer may not so, we will need to charge you $100 extra per day beyond your rental agreement.

Construction Debris - When you rent a trailer for construction debris the entire trailer could potentially not be able to handle all of the weight. The trailer is heavy duty and construction grade but a full trailer of tile could be just too heavy. Typically for construction debris the weights can be heavier than your average household junk. Again, this isn't a problem, we just ask you to use common sense and to not load the trailer any further if you start to see the tires flattening out from the weight. Please note there will probably be weight overages billed at the same amount as mentioned.

Things We Don't Want To Charge You For But Will Have To If You Do Any Of These Things

The fine print 🙁

Darwin was definitely right, people do dumb things sometimes. Please beware of the following. The last thing we want to do is to take away the value this service offers and charge you for senseless damages.

  • Please do not steal our battery you will be charged $100 for its replacement
  • Please do not move our dumpster trailers, this for your safety. Our driver will place the dumpster where you want it but will also keep in mind the safest area for you to load it.
  • Please keep sharp edges away from our tires. If a tire is popped while on your property its a $100 replacement charge
  • Please do not use the lift piston in the dump trailer its not a toy and could dislodge it from the safe base the driver ensured it was set upon or drain our dump battery making us unable to dump on time and a customer waiting for their trailer after you when they wouldn't have had to before that.
  • Please do not throw wet paint cans into our trailer, we will be forced to charge you $300 for cleanup because the cans will break without a doubt
  • PLEASE do not throw hazardous materials into the trailer - its not the proper way to dispose of them for our environment, its not safe for our guys to handle with no knowledge of their presence, its a fire hazard, its against the law. This will result in up to a $1000 fine and if it ruins our trailer $8000
  • If the trailer is damaged beyond repair while on your property you will be responsible for its full cost of $8000