Trash Can Willys Decluttering & Hoarding Cleanout Services

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Our Decluttering Services - A unique tailored approach

There is no other solution like this in New England. An all inclusive one stop shop for decluttering your home. Whether it be to tidy up the house, prep it for sale, clear out a hoarding situation, just get the junk out, or even change to a minimalist lifestyle. Whatever your goal, we are here to be flexible and help.

We can even have a decluttering expert come out to work with you to go through suspect items and areas in your home you wish to declutter. Our decluttering specialist is extremely experienced to deal with both the emotional aspect for some clients to downsize and "let go" of loose sentimental possessions as well as keep other clients organized and on-track with excellent organizational skills and simple yet effective processes to help clients decide what should essentially be disposed of and what one may want to keep. Our removal crews can either work independently or in unison with our organizer or your family organizer to ensure all unwanted items are then removed from the property and donated, recycled, or repurposed. If there are items we deem valuable you will be given a 50% discount off the final bill in proportion to the items fair market value.

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Our decluttering services
  1. Sort - Determine items to keep, dispose of, recycle, donate, and resell
  2. Organize - Replace kept items in a clean and organized fashion - bag, box, and pile items to be removed
  3. Remove - Items separated are picked up and disposed of the intended way - dump-recycler-charity-resold

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We will then send an estimate via email confirming the day and two time frame you chose for your property clean-out. The crew will call when they are 20 minutes away on the day of your scheduled removal.

3 - Get It Gone!

Upon arrival show our crew exactly what needs to go, they will then bag up and remove all of your unwanted items from where they sit. When finished, we accept payment via cash, credit / debit, or business check and bid you farewell with your junk until the next time you should need our services 🙂

Why Trash Can Willys Decluttering Service

  • A tailored and specialized coach for decluttering your home
  • emotional support for hoarding clients through the decluttering process
  • Systematic with tried and true methods for determining whether items should be disposed of or kept
  • One on one customer service
  • A helping hand for those who may need a "helping hand" like the elderly or physically challenged customers that cannot do what is needed to be done physically
  • A harmonic one stop shop for decluttering your home pairing a decluttering specialist with our junk removal services allowing for a smooth decluttering process from start to finish
  • Optional - Cleaning service to come in and clean your property after the decluttering and junk removal process has concluded to maximize the beauty of your property spaces
  • The best price for all services involved because you are bundling multiple company services
  • Fast and tailored approach to your time frames and goals
  • Ease of removal process, because our decluttering specialist schedules removals as needed and the cleaning service if so desired
  • We remove everything from where it sits
  • You name it we take it!
  • Best price guarantee!
  • No job too large or too small!

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