Furnace Removal Services In NH & MA

Furnace removals require expertise and strength, as these units are typically extremely heavy and often need to be maneuvered out of challenging spaces such as bulkheads or upstairs from basements. Undertaking this task without proper knowledge and precautions can pose serious risks. Therefore, those seeking assistance in furnace removal should strongly consider engaging a reputable removal company, like ours.

Lifting a minimum of 400 pounds up a flight of stairs is a hazardous undertaking, and untrained crew members may be at risk of injury. This not only endangers the individuals involved but can also lead to significant consequences for homeowners if the removal company lacks proper insurance coverage.

At Trash Can Willys, we specialize in the removal of furnaces from basements. Our personnel are highly trained and equipped to handle furnace removals with precision and efficiency. With over 136 successful removals in our 8 years of business, we have demonstrated our ability to navigate this challenging task.

Moreover, we prioritize safety by carrying all the necessary insurances, ensuring that both our crew and your home are covered in the event of any unforeseen incidents. With an impressive track record of only one minor accident— a chipped stair—out of 130+ furnace removals, you can trust Trash Can Willys to handle your furnace removal with the utmost care and expertise, providing you with peace of mind.

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