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There is a lot that goes in to whole house cleanouts or property cleanouts and Trash Can Willys has you covered. A property trash out job is considered a full cleanout when there are cupboards filled, the refrigerator is stocked and clothes are in the closets as well as the furniture and everything in between. We approach these jobs on a case by case basis, ultimately providing as little or as many services as our customer ultimately desires.

Here is a brief synopsis of our services. The depth of service and what we do and don't do is case specific and decided ultimately by you our customers, and what you need and want:

  • First, these jobs need an onsite estimate. You would be wasting your time calling around asking for pricing over the phone, that puts you at the mercy of how accurately the person on the other side can randomly guess
  • When our estimator comes out they are very thoughtful and understand the types of stress you are under with this type of project going on, they will be calm, patient, and extremely helpful offering tips to help you work through it without being overwhelmed.
  • We will formulate an exact written estimate for the full scope of your job, that will not change, and that we guarantee we will beat any other written estimate by up to 10%
  • We then schedule a time and date for the cleanout. Our crew will call when they are 20 minutes away
  • Upon arrival they will go over the details of the job and expected time frames, then our crew will systematically work their way through the property and house bagging cupboards, closets, clothing, food, everything
  • While they are bagging they will be vigilant on what can be donated, recycled, and what is garbage. We then load our truck according to the path of destinations : Salvation Army, The Epilepsy Foundation, the local recyclers, food pantry, and then finally the commercial dumping facility we use
  • During the removal our crew foreman will keep in communication with you to ensure anything you need or want to have set aside from the load is done so
  • Furniture is handled in somewhat of the same manner. Anything you wish to keep is set aside from the load, then we separate the items to be removed with regard to donations, recycling, and trash
  • After furniture is removed we start loading any appliances that need to be removed
  • Once the furniture and appliances are removed from the home we can go the extra step if so desired and start removing window treatments, ripping up carpets or flooring, or even demolishing anything that needs to be torn down and removed
  • Depending on the property we typically work our way through the main living area of the house, then to the upstairs then the downstairs, and finally the garage and shed and surrounding grounds
  • We can handle the largest of properties to the smallest removals and we price the job according to size and scope of work to be completed, always giving you, our customer, exactly what you want
  • After all items have been removed from the property if it is a desired service we can bring in our on-call house cleaning crew to prepare the property to show for sale, rent, etc.

That is pretty much a quick summary for the extent of our services for full property cleanouts and can be arranged ala carte giving you the added option to customize your removal to your needs and your budget.

We are excellent at estimating costs and hitting budgets most of the time we shoot for being under budget... We treat our customers the way we would expect to be treated, and it seems to be working very well, our reviews are outstanding and all of our customers are left completely satisfied.

We enjoy offering service you can trust and doing exactly what we promise.

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A Few Things to Consider When Using Our Property Clean Out service:

  • We can work with any budget and ensure you get the most bang for your buck
  • If there are items of value in the house or on the property to be removed, we will discount the load according to the items fair market value. See here for more details...
  • We are fully insured - this means in the very odd event something on the property is damaged, our insurance company would take care of everything. We have only had one occurrence in over 800 jobs, so you can have peace of mind your property is in the right hands
  • EVERY employee is covered by Workman's Compensation - This is something property owners do not consider enough when deciding on a removal company to handle their project. In the event you have a person not covered by Workman's compensation working as a day laborer for the company you hire for your whole house clean out and they happen to get injured, that worker can actually sue you, because the injury happened on your property. When working with us all of our employees are covered, as they should be by law, so you are covered. Giving you more peace of mind during an already stressful event. PLEASE be vigilant if you do go with another company in making sure the employees working on your property are in fact covered.
  • We are extremely experienced at executing cost effective whole house cleanouts in Nh and Ma. This experience is applied to every part of your cleanout project. For example on some jobs we use dumpsters onsite and some jobs we use trucks. Not only do we take cost in to consideration among other factors we even consider your neighbors interests on whether or not it's a neighborhood where a dumpster onsite will stick out like a sore thumb. We do what makes sense on every level.

Thanks for reading, we hope to hear from you...

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