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Sell Your Junk Car Today - We Buy Junk Cars For Up To $1000


We Pay Cash For Junk Cars - Free Car Removal Service

Please fill out the form below, it goes straight to our car buyer so we can get back to you as soon as possible to buy your car!

We buy junk cars and can pay the most you will find because we either :

-Fix your car ourselves and put them back on the road

-Have local junk yards bid on your vehicle through us to sell it for the highest bidder to buy parts cars

-Have a network of used car dealers that bid on your vehicle if they want to fix your car and put it back on the road

-We will contact a steel purchasing and recycling company in Southern NH that we have a direct agreement with that allows us to sell your junk vehicle for the highest scrap metal price available so there is no middle man, that means more to you for your junk car!

How It Works When Selling My Junk Car:

Fill out the below form and you will be called within 15 minutes if we can work with your vehicle!

We will call to verify the information you gave us on the used junk car

We come out within 2 hours to pickup the scrap vehicle with cash (mostly mon-sat)

You prove the junk car is yours by registration or title and a valid id

We give you the cash for your junk car and and take it away

Also, If you have the need for our junk removal services or a hoarding house cleanout services we will discount the job as well.

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The Best Ways To Get Cash For Your Old Junk Car In New Hampshire

Now of course we obviously want you to call us but equally we like our customers to get the most bang for their buck so they love us and tell all of their friends how great we are! No but honestly we wrote this page to help you along the path of getting rid of that ole wreck taking up space 🙂

Try selling your junk car outright?

You may be pleasantly surprised? You never know. There's a popular saying We are sure you know "One man's trash is another man's treasure"  the saying is so popular because it is so very true. So you think you're 1972 Ford Pinto that doesn't start in the backyard is only good for scrap metal? Well we gaurantee you out of the 313 million people that live in the United States a few will collect them. How about the 1989 Ford escort with no exhaust, a dead battery, a bad alternator? Well everyday there's a 19 year old gear head that wants to be a race car driver... Where do you think they start? Racing sprint level escorts around the local track. How about the retired mechanic that had the best year of his life driving that old chevy pickup, now he wants to relive that memory and is looking for your pickup truck to restore!! We are just saying, maybe try to sell your car outright before just writing it off as scrap metal.

If you are a do-it-yourselfer read this section, if not scroll down to the next area

Life is busy, we know. Its hard to find time just to enjoy the simpler things in life, especially for the DIY type of person, we always have a handful of projects going on right? Well here's another to consider. If you are hell bent on getting the most out of old Gloria (the car you have loved loyally for years, that selling her for scrap just doesn't sit right with you) let her live on!! Sell her for parts? Believe it or not when you break a car down piece by piece you may get close to retail by the time your finished depending on how far you are looking to go? Here's some $ guesses - engines can fetch between 300-500 and an engine hoist off craigs list is a mere $150? Thats a profit!! Batteries fetch $10-$15, alternators can fetch $20, Rims can fetch $100, decent tires? There's $150! Cut the catalytic converter off and scrap that for as much as $125! Sell the doors for $75 each, seats for $50 each, fenders for $75 and we haven't even gone inside the car yet!! And when you're all finished, sell Gloria's remains to the scrap yard finally and rest peacefully knowing she's still in the wind and on the road... just in pieces!!

Ok let's finally Scrap Your Junk Car.... WAIT! One more try before junking your vehicle!

Call US! We try not to scrap vehicles, the reason you ask? Well so we can give you more money for it! We are a little different then your last two options. We buy your car with intent to try to fix your it and put it back out on the road. Now we certainly can't do this with every person that calls with a junk car they're trying to get rid of , but you would be surprised just how many we can bring back to life. Now because we bring them back to life they are sold at a fair market value which is two or even three times the amount a scrap yard or salvage yard will pay, we get more out of the car as a whole so we can pay you more than a salvage or scrap yard can!

So the process is simple first fill out the form above. We will ask you some details about the car like what's wrong with it? How many miles are on it? Year, make, model, engine? Overall condition on a scale of 1-10? In those few questions we can determine if the car may be a candidate for us to fix and flip. If so, we will schedule a time to come out and look at your junk vehicle. If not, we will offer you a fair price for salvage. If it does qualify to be fixed, we will make a fair offer based on it's potential worth and the costs needed to fix it and of course a profit.

Typically our offer is 9 out of 10 times more than your last two options can offer and, if you accept, we pay you and tow it away. On a side note, vehicles delivered to us are always paid a minimum of $40 more.

Now, one important thing to know in New Hampshire is if the car is a 1999 or older you do not need a title to sell us your car. However, if it is from 2000 to current it must have a title or we cannot touch it. If another salvage or scrap yard tells you they can they are breaking the law. It would be safe to worry about what other laws they may be willing to break in the transaction and you should run! Anyways, if you have lost the title it's pretty simple to get a new one you just have to fill this application out and send it in with $25 and you will get your title within typically 3 weeks from the New Hampshire motor vehicle registry. Then just call us and we can then take her away.

To start the process just fill in the form above and Willy will get right back with you. To junk your car in the state of New Hampshire you need just a few things:

  • If its 2000 or newer you need a title
  • A copy of the registration
  • A valid ID matching the registration, title, or proof that the car is yours

 Finally the end of the road - Scrap or Salvage is the question!

We are here, we gave it a good effort but it looks like we are going to have to scrap her... But hey, it's ok we will give you our best offer! When doing this we may be over the phone and although we are good at what we do, we cannot guarantee the quoted price until seeing the vehicle.

What we do not promise you a high number to get your interests and low ball you when we show up! Some local New Hampshire companies may do this, we do not. No games. Okay, so with that clarified we will confirm our offer upon seeing the vehicle. Vehicles delivered to us are always paid $40 more. Current scrap pricing is around $100 a ton (for fellow math flunkies a ton is 2,000 lbs. 🙂 Your vehicles curb weight can typically be found here. Some vehicles will qualify for salvage, others for scrap metal. Our salvage prices are typically slightly higher than scrap. We do tow the vehicles away at no cost.

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