Safe & Professional Hot Tub Removal Services

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Hot Tub removal and disposal is not for the faint of heart. There is MUCH at risk when dealing with these items. Here are some important considerations our customers sometimes overlook when selecting a company to handle their hot tub disposal project:

  • Whoever does your hot tub removal should be able to furnish you a copy of their General Liability Insurance - this is to protect your home and property in the event there are damages, like a jetted hot tub falling down the stairs and going through a wall or a Hot Tub breaking through an area of your decking or stairs. You can find ours on the bottom of the page by following a clickable link. This should offer you peace of mind knowing we are covered so you are covered should anything unexpected happen.
  • It's in your best interest to be aware that all the employees involved with your Hot tub disposal are covered by a Workman's Compensation policy. If an employee is not covered under a valid policy and gets injured on your property while assisting in your hot tub removal you can be held liable and be sued by the injured individual. Our Workman's Compensation policy is there to protect you and our employees should this type of unfortunate event happen. Our policy can be also be found at the bottom of this page. We currently have removed 207 hot tubs and counting without an accident. (number updated quarterly or in the event of an accident)
  • Finally you should be aware of who will be the foreman on the job and his level of experience. For these jobs typically Ole Willy the owner of Trash Can Willys will be present to oversee the project or one of his extremely experienced foreman.

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We have the experience, staff, and proper insurances in place to successfully remove your Hot tub and leave you smiling, satisfied, and with peace of mind both during and after the process is complete.

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Before Hot Tub Removal Service
Before Hot Tub Removal
After Our Hot Tub Removal Services
After Hot Tub Removal

Hot Tub Disposal Services Further Explained

Hot tubs can be just as pesky of a removal job as a piano, more if stairs are involved. Most are larger. We can handle the disposal and removal of any size hot tub. We carry all needed insurances and our staff has been properly trained in dealing with them as they are weekly jobs for us.

For a hot tub removal the foreman on the job will assess the path best for removal. We have a boom truck we can use to attempt to salvage the Hot tub if it is something we can resell, however the terrain of the property and access to where the hot tub sits is really the deciding factor on which type of removal method we use. If we cannot boom crane out the Hot tub we will put a crew of 2-3 men on the project and using sawzalls will cut the Hot tub up in to more manageable pieces and load them on the truck. This process can take 2-2.5 hours on a smaller hot tub and 3-4 hours on a larger hot tub. All crew members will sweep and clean any debris so your deck looks like nothing was ever there.

We do our very best to be safe when approaching these types of items for disposal. Because we take them so seriously, we haven't had an issue to date since opening the company 5 years ago.

We do hope to earn your business and give you our word that the job will be completed in a professional timely matter for a very reasonable and fair price.

What You Should Do To Prepare For Us To Remove Your Hot Tub

  • Have as much of the water drained out of the tub as possible
  • Tell the driver what is broken, who knows maybe we can salvage some of the more expensive parts and discount your removal
  • Its really recommended to have an electrician come out and disconnect the hot tub properly. If you haven't had a chance to get them out yet PLEASE TURN OFF THE BREAKER PROVIDING THE TUB POWER our crew will cut the line but you do not want exposed lines just hanging around. Have an electrician come, preferably before, but at least after.

You do not need to be home for the removal as long as we can get to the hot tub. No point in you wasting a day off work sitting around for us. We can call you when we are finished for a credit card payment over the phone and send you pictures with your receipt of the area where the hot tub used to be for your peace of mind.