Trash Can Willys - Tips & FAQ To Get Rid Of Junk


I Had A Phone Quote But Upon Arrival The Price Was Different?

We're unable to provide exact pricing over the phone or through instant quotes; it's simply our best guess-timate based on the information provided. Just like a painter cannot give an exact price over the phone, neither can we, it's our best guess.

If you received a guesstimate, our crew will confirm the exact price upon arrival after assessing the items to be removed. You're under no obligation to proceed, but rest assured, we guarantee to beat any local competitor's price. We regularly check our rates to ensure we're the most affordable option.

For those seeking precise pricing before removal day, we recommend scheduling a free onsite estimate.

How Do You Price Your Removals? 

Our prices start at just $35 and depend on the scope of your project. There's a few factors involved in fairly estimating a junk removal. First is the volume, second is the weight, then is it ready to go in bags and boxes or would you like us to bag and box it, what floor is it coming off of, where is it on the property.

We do guarantee the best price you will find in the area because we offer discounts for items that we can sell and discount if there are items we can donate as well. Visit our pricing page to learn more on how we price 

Can I Have A Junk Removal When I Am Not Home?

As long as we know where the junk is located and what exactly needs to go we will come out, verify the exact amount it will cost with you by phone, remove your unwanted materials, and collect payment via a credit card once finished. We can even send pictures via cell phone of the completed work area if you desire. Learn more here on not having to miss work to get your junk removed

I Saw You Buy Junk?

Yes, when there is an item you wish to dispose of that we think carries value and that we could sell fairly easily in our second hand store we will determine the items fair market value like a consignment store would and give you 10 to 40% of that items fair market value upfront, off the cost of your junk removal.

Example = We come out and offer a price for a junk removal at $120 but as part of this removal is a couch we think we can resell for $100. We would take $40 off the cost of the junk removal for this item and you would then pay just $80 for your junk removal.

How Soon Can You Come Out?

We can typically offer same day or next day service for either an estimate in person for larger jobs or a scheduled pickup for small to medium sized jobs, either way our turnaround time is very fast.

Where Does My Junk And Garbage Go?

As a professional waste removal and recycling company we adhere to all standards set forth by the EPA. Items that can be donated will be. Items that we can sell go to our warehouse to be cleaned and up-cycled. Things like metal, plastics, and paper are recycled with local companies. Everything that may be less is professionally disposed of at our commercial dumping facility. Learn more on where your junk goes here

How Long Will My Removal Take?

Typically it is very fast. Our staff is very efficient and we service 5 to 7  customers daily PER truck, so unless we are cleaning out a property we would expect them finished within an hour for most jobs

My Job Is Very Small, Will You Still Do It?

That is fine. Our service starts as low as just $35 for small loads and ranges all the way to 100,000 sqft corporate clean outs. No job is too big or too small.

Can You Also Provide Moving / Delivery & Donation Services?

Our crews keep our trucks very clean for these types of jobs and our entire staff has professional moving experience from previous employers. We typically move 10-15 families a month.

Why Use Your Service Instead Of A Dumpster?

We are typically comparably priced but we do all of the work removing your items from where they sit. We offer discounts for items that can be donated, recycled, or resold. Our service is priced on the amount of items you have to be removed not on the size of container we use. We donate as much as possible to the local less fortunate. We recycle as much as possible... The end result is your back gets saved from doing the work, you save money, you help local families, and you help protect our environment.

What Size Is Your Truck?

Our trucks are larger than our competitors. Most competitors use 10 foot long trucks that are 5 feet high and 6 feet wide. Our trucks are 20 feet long, 7 feet wide, and 7 feet tall. Our competitors typically charge the same as we do for a full truck load, an obvious price savings when using us.

Do You Offer Cleaning Services?

We do this actually quite often. Trash Can Willys works with many realtors, banks, and simply home owners preparing to sell their house. We can bring in a crew of 3 cleaners and deep clean every single inch of a home or office. A secondary option is to just prepare the property for sale by cleaning what is visible. Whatever our clients prefer is what we do while being flexible enough to work with most budgets.

When I Was On The Phone The Salesman Asked Me How Many Pickup Trucks I Would Fill Up??

Standard procedure. Don't worry we won't be trying to take your entire garage of junk in one pickup truck like the Beverly Hillbillies! He just asked that to get an idea in his mind how much volume you have so he can offer as close a quote as possible. We use a 20' box truck for all of our pickups and minimum 2 man crews. Also, please remember phone estimates are not binding estimates as we are going off what you are saying, we will verify the exact price upfront when our crew gets there and sees what there is to go.