Bank Owned Foreclosure Cleanouts

Trash Can Willys is often called on by local and national banks to clean out local foreclosed properties. We understand in order for a client to be satisfied they require:

  • Fast and efficient service
  • A fair and price appropriate bid
  • Attention to detail and the need to trust the job will be done within budget, on time, and as discussed

Therefore we approach these types of cleanouts with focus on these points. Estimates are often done the same day we are contacted. We get typed estimates that are broken down by pricing to our clients within 1 day of doing the estimate, if not the same day. We pay attention to the details of the job, ensuring we execute everything as expected by our client for the price we promised on the time table we agreed to.

Wouldn't your job be easy if all your vendors were the same way!?

Banked owned cleanouts of foreclosed properties

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Why Use Trash Can Willys For Your Bank Owned Property Cleanout

  • An extremely fast estimate to completed job turn around time
  • What we say we are going to do - will be done
  • The job done right the first time with attention to detail
  • A reliable vendor you can depend on every time
  • Professional trained employees that have made this their profession and it shows in their work
  • Always dependable for the best price / best service
  • Cost effective pricing
  • An add on seamless property cleaning service when required at discounted rates with the same professional approach and turn around time
  • Carrying all the required licenses and insurances
  • Seamless invoicing at 30/60 days net flexability
  • No deposits needed

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