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Trash Can Willys is a local Veteran owned business that provides TV disposal, monitor, and computer pickup, removal, recycling, and disposal services. We serve all of New Hampshire and North East Massachusetts, providing low cost disposal and recycling services for tv's, computer monitors, laptops, etc.

We will pick up any size television or monitor. Whether its an old console tube television, a flat screen, or a large projection tv we can provide our TV disposal services. One call and we haul it all!

We also remove junk, air conditioners, refrigerators, and really anything. You name it we take it! All you have to do is point and we remove your items from where they sit on the property! No tv disposal or junk removal project is too big or small.

Unfortunately, TV disposal is not exactly cheap though. The EPA basically classifies them as Hazmat due to certain chemicals including Mercury that is present in most televisions. This makes disposing of them more costly then we would like to charge our customers, but we really have little control over the disposal charges.

The average cost for US to dispose of a television is $30 per tv / monitor. That's OUR COST to dispose of them the proper way. That said, you maybe better served trying to bring it to Best Buy, where currently they will take any television less than 42" and dispose of it for FREE.

However, we understand getting it there may be half the problem, especially if its a large projection tv or a Sony Trinitron. For that we have the answer, just give us a call and we'll try to give you the best price possible to remove it from your property, taking it from where it sits and then hauling it away.

The best thing to do, is to call us with a load of junk, that way you get us out there and kill two birds with one stone. If you must pay someone to make the trip and take it out of the home, its more cost effective since we have to charge you for travel time to your home anyway, you might as well make it worth while and get together a pickup trucks worth of junk for us to dispose with the television. This offsets the travel cost, and gets you more BANG for your buck! Sorry, its the best advise and price, we can give you.

UNLESS, you can get it to the curb at least? IF you can get it to the curb, then we can send our residential bulky item truck in the area with just one man to pick it up, that reduces your cost a little more, instead of us having to send a crew of two. So, if you can get it curbside Click Here.

If you cannot get it to Best Buy, or to the curb, and would like to get it picked up with maybe some misc junk Click Here, and we'll give you the best price you will find for TV disposal and some extra junk while we are at it!

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Why use Trash Can Willys For Your TV Disposal

  • We give it to you straight. TV disposal isn't cheap but there are several ways to make it cheapER
  • Try to bring it to Best Buy or your local transfer station
  • Try to get it curbside so we can send one man instead of two if its a larger television. One man pickups of televisions are considered Residential Bulky Item pickups and although it's not free or $25, its still fairly inexpensive considering we have to pay $25 to dispose of it!
  • If its a larger, heavier console television, projection screen tv, or a Sony Trinitron, odds are you will not be able to get it curbside and we will need to send a two man crew out out to pick it up. If we have to do this, it serves you best to try to consolidate our trip by scanning your property for any other junk you'd like to get rid of and dispose or donate (we do donations also). This will at least offset some of the costs for tv disposal as explained above.
Console and tube television disposal
"We know how ya feel right now"

If we do need to send out a crew of two here's what you can expect from our TV disposal service:

  1. Excellent customer service starts the minute you call us. We will schedule a two hour time frame at your convenience and give you a guesstimated price range on what you may pay so you have somewhat of an idea ahead of time.
  2. We will call 20 minutes before our arrival for your TV disposal
  3. Our crew is professionally trained to give you the best service at the best price. The crew will take a look at everything you have that needs to go and verify the exact price upfront. As long as you are comfortable with that price we will remove your televisions and any other junk you were able to assemble for us. Please also bare in mind, we remove everything from where it sits, so you do not have to make an actual "pile" of junk for us, pointing the items out where they sit is good enough for us!
  4. The crew will work hard to get everything you need out, fast.
  5. Once everything is removed, if needed, they will sweep the areas clean
  6. After you are satisfied the crew will accept payment via cash, credit, debit, or business check, send you a receipt via email, and be on there way
  7. After leaving we will try to donate and recycle as much of your junk as we can before finally dropping your items off at the dump

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