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No job too large or small, just point and we haul it all - Junk removal as low as $35!

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Why Our Customers Love Us

Trash Can Willys is a local,  Veteran owned, junk removal company Rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau with a portion of all proceeds going to benefit our Wounded Warriors and their families!

We have been in business for 14 years serving all of Massachusetts with top notch, fast, and efficient service with a smile and it shows in hundreds of 5 star reviews online for our services.

We guarantee you the lowest price you will find to have all your junk, debris, and trash removed. We always beat any legitimate competitors pricing by 10 to 30% or even more!

Unlike other local Junk Removal Services in the Boston area, we do all the work - all you have to do is point and we remove your unwanted items from where they sit on your property.

We care about our environment too and we prove it by aggressively working to keep as much of your junk out of landfills as possible by aggressively sorting, recycling, up-cycling, and donating your unwanted items.

If you need another reason to try our service  - every single week we will do one random customer's junk removal for completely FREE!!  CLICK HERE to learn more!


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A portion of proceeds benefit Wounded Warriors and their families

Boston / Framingham Branch:

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Serving The Following Cities & Everywhere In-between:

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  • Marlborough Ma
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  • Littleton Ma
  • Everywhere In Between 🙂


Serving All of Eastern Mass!
Serving All of Eastern Mass!

Us vs Them: Why Our Junk Removal Pricing Rocks!

Unlike the Corporate cookie cutters out there and those that try to copy them, we do things differently here so we can give you the best quality service for the absolute best price you will find, the true meaning of value. We also care about the environment and believe it or not both are related on this topic.

Most other junk removal companies will give you set pricing based on how much of their truck you fill up. They act like this is a good thing, when in actuality it doesn't make any sense.

When we do a junk removal there is a cost we have to pay at the dump to dispose of your items. The more junk in a load, the more it costs to dispose of. The less junk, the lower it costs to dispose of... So if this is the case, why would a person who has half a truck of metal, or a few nice items that can be resold, pay the same as a person with all trash and garbage? We'll tell you why:

1. They don't care whats in the load because they're dumping everything therefore the cost IS the same as if a load was all junk. This clearly doesn't make sense for two reasons. Why throw away perfectly good items? It fills up landfills and doesn't allow for a customer to get a fair price based on what they're getting rid of.

2. They do care and aren't dumping the items and profiting more off jobs that cost less to dump instead of passing the savings on to you the customer, the rightful owner of that extra profit they're keeping for themselves.

At Trash Can Willys we give a guesstimate over the phone as to how much a standard size load costs to dispose of, but once we are onsite the crew further evaluates what needs to go, taking note of items we can recycle, resell or donate. This typically results in our customers saving a minimum of 30% by using us over other competitors and the first reason our pricing rocks!

Most of the other junk removal companies in the Framingham, Boston, Worcester area also all use the same size trucks. These trucks are not large AT ALL. They measure 10 feet long, by 6.5 feet wide and can only be piled about 5 feet tall. Our trucks are almost 2.5 times the size of their trucks, this means we can do more jobs than they can before we have to dump. Less dumps, results in less labor hours to dispose of the same amount of junk. This savings (lower labor cost) is then passed on to you our customer by making our pricing that much more affordable. One more reason why our Pricing Rocks!

Finally, chains and franchises have to pay franchise fee's, these fees are ultimately passed on to you the customer in the price you pay to have your junk removed. At Trash Can Willys there are no franchise fees or some big honcho of a cooperation sitting around on a yacht all day, our owner works for a living and the main goal is to help reduce our operating expenses to ultimately pass those savings along to you our customer and is just one more reason why our Pricing Rocks!

Infographic showing junk removal company pricing

A Tip For Customers Planning On Shopping Junk Removal Pricing

Naturally, everyone wants to know, "How much will this cost?" It's common to immediately start calling around for prices. However, this service doesn't lend itself to accurate pricing over the phone by any company. You'll save time and frustration by opting for an onsite estimate. This ensures you're comparing actual pricing rather than just rough guess-timates you get over the phone.