Our Junk Removal Service Thoroughly Explained

Quotes, Estimates & Pricing

To get started with our junk removal service, simply reach out by phone or fill out our quote request form - if it's after business hours we'll contact you promptly the next morning.

During our initial conversation, we'll provide a rough guess-timate over the phone. We'll ask how much junk you have, using the analogy of how many pickup trucks it would fill, to gauge the volume.

For larger projects, we'll schedule a complimentary onsite estimate at your convenience, available Monday through Friday between 9am and 5pm. Our estimate appointments last one hour, and we'll give you a courtesy call 15 minutes before arrival. This ensures upfront pricing that remains fixed, unless the scope of the job changes after the estimate.

how we price on the phone

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Step 2 - Scheduling & The Removal Process

When you're ready for our junk removal services, we'll schedule a convenient time for you. Our team will arrive within a two-hour window and give you a courtesy call 20 minutes before arrival. They'll assess the items and provide an exact price on-site. While we try to offer guess-timates over the phone, the final price is determined in person. If you agree, they'll remove the items immediately. If not, we will wish you the best and leave.

At Trash Can Willys, we prioritize convenience. Our crew handles all heavy lifting and can even assist in sorting items. Unlike competitors, we don't charge extra for sorting and remove items from any location on your property. We're committed to offering the best experience and pricing.

Step 3 - Discounts & Payments

When we encounter items suitable for recycling, donation, or resale, we gladly pass on the savings to you through appropriate discounts because we do not need to pay disposal fees on said items. After completing the removal, our team ensures the area is left clean, inviting you to inspect it alongside them to confirm satisfaction. Upon satisfactory approval, it's time for payment! We accept credit cards, debit cards, cash, estate checks, certified checks, and business checks (no personal checks, please). Our driver will then furnish you with a receipt and a warm "thank you" before bidding farewell. With us, the process is stress-free, headache-free, and backache-free – just as it should be!