Apartment & Condo Bulky Item Pickup Program

We provide specialty bulky item pickups for apartment and condo complex properties. This bulky item pickup service is extremely flexible with your individual property's needs.

Some properties have dumpster areas that pile up with bulky items every weekend where as other complex properties may only have a couch or a television monthly that needs to be hauled away. We have a flexible solution for both.

Trash Can Willys visits your properties as often as each property needs whether it's weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, even quarterly! We can also just be setup to call upon by request only. Either way, the service gets rid of unsightly bulky items building up in your trash areas fast.

We offer discounted pricing, and help to free up your maintenance staff to tackle more skilled projects. We also help to save on expenses to your current solution that is not setup for bulky item disposal so they charge inflated prices and may require you to call for each individual item you need disposed of, affecting overall office and maintenance productivity.  Our service is a simple, automated, and affordable solution to bulky item disposal.

apartment and condo bulky items pickup service

Why Our Bulky Items Pickup Service For Your Apartment or Condo Complex:

  • Consistency in keeping your trash areas clean which leaves your property more presentable to new renters
  • Less of a resource drain - stop your maintenance staff and office staff from wasting needless time scheduling individual bulky item pickups
  • Save on inflated bulky item disposal charges by companies that are not setup to offer affordably bulky item disposal services
  • A set it and forget it service with consistent and simple to follow pricing and estimating procedures

Setup A Commercial Account

Setup an account with us for discount pricing and 30 net invoicing to streamline your Apartment complex's Bulky Item pickup!

Bulky Items We Take From Your Apartment or Condo Complex

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