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Get Rid Of Junk In Mass - 10 Ideas For Any Budget

As the years go by it gets harder and harder to get rid of junk so to help out we have compiled 10 different ways for residents local to Massachusetts can get rid of their junk economically.

DIY Junk Removal Ma

Donate Your Junk - Any Salvation Army, Goodwill or local thrift store is always happy to take people's unwanted items and old furniture. It's usually a really easy process, all you have to do is give them a call, tell them what kind of unwanted debris you would like to dispose of, and they will usually tell you if they will take your unwanted items for donation.

Getting Rid of Old Instruments and Commercial Items and Debris - Try calling local vocational and tech schools. Many will be more than happy to take some of your unwanted items whether it be to work on in shop classes, vocational studies, or epicycle or reuse for their facilities.

Tips for commercial properties getting rid of junk

Bring The Junk To Your Local Dump - Most suburbs and cities in Massachusetts have their own local dump or transfer station you can bring your trash and junk to for disposal. To find the local transfer station for your community try calling your town hall.

Try Selling Your Stuff on Craigslist Type Sites - You would be surprised how true the old saying goes  - "one man's trash is another man's treasure" . Many people will respond to your ads try these popular sites to get rid of unwanted items like furniture, televisions, toys, tools, and antiques - Craigslist, Offer Up, Facebook Market Place, and Let Go!

Recycle or Resell Tires - Often times, if your tires are in good shape a local gas station may be willing to take tires that are in good condition that they can sell as a used tire for those in need of a quick spare to get somewhere. To get rid of tires locally a lot of times you may be able to find a local company that shreds them to put down in playgrounds in the area as well.

Old Furniture and Antique Dealers - As mentioned above a lot of thrift stores will have some interest in taking old furniture that is still in good shape for free also local antique dealers may be more than happy to take some old items off you some people actually make a living up cycling old wooden objects as well.


Rentals To Get Rid Of Junk


Rent A Dumpster - If you want to keep costs low on getting rid of your junk it's always a good idea to call local dumpster rental companies. You can typically rent a dumpster for as little as $299 but make sure you are checking how much they charge if you go over your allotted weight of junk and debris

Get A Bagster - Bagster is like a small dumpster rental. You purchase the bag at your local Home Depot for around $40. You then place the Bagster on a solid surface that is safe for a large truck to drive on (your driveway, sidewalk, or the street infant of your house) then you load it up with all the junk you need to get rid of. After the gagster is loaded up call your local Waste Management Branch and simply schedule your pickup. Pickup of bagsters are done Mon-Saturday and they typically charge by weight with services starting at or around $299. NOTE - They will not take liquid paints or other HAZMAT so be sure you are not putting items in the bagster that they will not accept.

Junk hauling debris removal
examining the pros and cons of the gagster for junk removal

Hiring A Service To Take Your Junk

Recycling Metal & Plastics - If you have some extra time it's always cheap to tear down items for recycling. To recycle metal its always best to sort your metal into 3 groups - precious metals, iron, and scrap metal. Then you can call a local metal recycler, rent a truck, and bring it to them and even get paid for the metal you bring them! You may also be able to recycle plastics locally. Check google to see who locally take plastic recycling items.

Hire a Junk Removal Company in Ma - There's many local companies that you can call and have them come out and do all the work loading up your junk and debris you no longer want. Some of these companies can be expensive where others can be very affordable and many like this one employ veterans which is always a good cause. It is definitely worth it because most junk removal companies will have you point to what needs to go and remove it allowing you to quickly and efficiently get rid of many items you don't want to have to deal with and is not stressful on your body lifting many things and transporting them to the local dump.

See what we do with junk when we get rid of it for you


framingham boston junk removal hauling and disposal company

In summary if you are resourceful there are many ways you can get rid of junk in Ma for very affordable rates or even for free. It boils down to just putting in the work to find the resources that will assist you in getting rid of that old junk you no longer want laying around. Happy Hunting!

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