Need Paint & Junk Removed? Call Us We Can Help.


We see it everyday. We visit a customers house and we always stumble across those dreaded old paint cans. How do you get rid of them in New Hampshire or Mass without spending more than you paid for the paint!? Most junk removal companies charge you a ton or won't even touch them because they are considered HAZMAT. So what do you do to get rid of them?

All you have to do, all we ask, is just go to Walmart, buy the cheapest kitty litter you can, fill up those cans, stir occasionally, leave the lids off in the garage and when it's finally a dried up brick of colored cat litter, you're ready. When you call let us know what junk you need hauled away in addition to the paint cans and we will give you the best price we can to earn your business now and hopefully in the future. Just please be sure the paint is dried all the way through otherwise our trucks get an unexpected tie-dye and maybe even one of our crew

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