12 Tips For Getting Rid Of Your Junk For Free

  1. Have all your junk piled in a quickly accessible area like the garage, driveway or front door
  2. Take as many items as you can to the dump yourself
  3. Recycle as many items as you possibly can using donation centers and local metal recycling yards that will actually pay you for your junk metal items
  4. Know what you are getting rid of
  5. Have your junk in bags and boxes that are not likely to tear and not too heavy so they can be carried out quickly
  6. Post them on Craigslist for free
  7. Call a few local antique dealers and have them come out for free to see if any of your older junk is an antique with value, you don't know until you have tried
  8. Upsycle your junk if you're crafty. You would be amazed at what some glue and tassels would do for that old lamp or some paint and stain for that old table and chair set. There's alot you can do to modernize a piece with some creativity
  9. Tires make for great swings and retaining walls
  10. If its broke just fix it
  11. Try selling some items on eBay while your watching tv it's very simple and if you only make $5... You got paid $5 to sit on your couch and watch tv
  12. Post them for free on Facebook for friends and family to see, you know the old saying, one mans trash is another mans treasure
  13. If all else fails call us!!! An affordable New Hampshire junk removal service at 603-490-2177

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