Trash Can Willys works with local businesses to help them get rid of  junk in Nh and Ma for the most economical means

  • Businesses are able to specify the exact time removals are to take place
  • Get bulk pricing rates
  • Real estate agencies are given priority in all clean outs to prep for sale and exclusive pricing
  • All company's working with Trash Can Willys get free metal bulk pickup services
  • Computer disposal services in bulk are also offered for free with a deep discounts available for computer monitor disposals

Listed below is a sample of a few companies Trash Can Willys has worked with we can provide many excellent references upon request:

  • Puma
  • Dell
  • Prudential verani real estate
  • Vectronix
  • Bae systems
  • Savers
  • SNS Metal Recycling
  • Troisi Law Firm
  • Derry Coldwell Banker Real Estate
  • The Bedford Village Inn
  • Synergy sales and marketing
  • Sun micro systems

A Painless And Fast Process

Most junk removals or bulk metal pickups can be quoted over the phone for your convenience however we have no problem coming out anytime to offer no obligation onsite estimates for small jobs or large jobs we are there.

Our junk removal service is fast and easy our crews operate as professional moving teams quickly removing your junk and unwanted materials safely. There is no real need for preparation for your scheduled when working with us, all we need is a supervisor or manager pointing out the items to be removed and we handle the rest. We also utilize professional moving equipment of all forms to successfully remove any size items you want.

Business Metal And Computer Recycling In NH

Our metal removal service is a free service for our corporate and business customers. We remove bulk junk metal, laptops, desktop computers, heavy equipment, filing cabinets, desks, anything you need removed we can handle. We do ask that pickups be bundled, there are costs involved on our end handling and transporting your unwanted metals, because of this we ask customers to have more than just a single or few items.

Tips About Working With Fly-By-Night Junk Removal Companies And Scrapers

Although these companies can be tempting with their low cost rates they really are dangerous for a business to be engaged with. Businesses are especially vulnerable to working with fly by night companies. When using a fly by night company it opens your business up to stringent fines by the EPA if the junk removal company you use does not properly dispose of your junk and business junk is very easy to trace back to your business as items are often marked, contain addresses or contact information or even worse computer hard drives with not only information that leads back to you but also leaves you susceptible to fraud. We have unfortunately seen this happen. A current client once was fined 10.000 because the junk hauling company they were using illegally dumped their belongings in a forest conservation area.

Something more to consider

Fly be night junk removal companies are known to not carry workman's comp policies as required for every business by the federal government. What this translates to is should an uninsured individual emoving your junk be injured on your property in the process they can actually sue your business. It's just not worth the risk of saving a few dollars.

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