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We have been in the business going on 12 years. Now that may not sound like a long time but in junk yard dog years I like to think of it as 21. That said with between 13 and 25 pickups daily at different customers homes and businesses we've seen alot, but, we've also seen alot from other junk removal companies both large and small. Here's one of the small type

Stories about other (and a more scary thought) local, junk disposal companies

Last year I was called out by a local bank to assess a property in Hooksett to be cleared of junk, they said it was bad on the phone. Typically "bad" coming from a home owner isn't that frightening of a thought, more times than not, its just not that bad. This was different as you usually dont have banks tell you its bad, because they are all bad. So needless to say I was interested. I scooted on out to Hooksett the day of the estimate intrigued at what I would find... When I got there I looked at the house, not too bad... I looked at the garage, pretty messy, but again, not too bad... On the final part of the estimate, before I was about to leave, I read the last line "follow driveway around garage and back to a quarter mile mark". I was literally walking back to my truck as I read this so I hoped in and started around the garage wondering if there was maybe another building back there. As I rounded the turn behind the garage it started. Piles of tires 15 feet in the air, truck trailer after truck trailer filled with garbage laying on the ground, mounds and mounds of junk...a fork in the road, one road leading half a block down with old junk wood, steel, and pallets (at least 5,000 of them)... back to the other fork and down to the quarter mile mark was hundreds and hundreds of tons of junk and garbage. The estimate ended up being well into the hundred thousand mark. The largest job I have ever seen or estimated...The bank ended up condemning the property I believe that was worth almost what the estimate was...and it sits there still today... so whats the moral to this story your probably wondering?

Well, The person that lived there only 13 years, they did junk collection out of there old long bed 80's pickup truck without a license or insurance and supposedly gave unbeatable pricing... Guess where they dumped everything?

So before you go to Craigslist or shop around pounding the phone until you find that super cheap junk man in a pickup truck, hope his house isnt down the street from yours or even in the same town!

Better yet, maybe just call a reputable company and help save a home and property from these scum bags out there.




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