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Sell Listings Faster

We work with alot of Realtors and are looking to work with more. When a Realtor pairs with us, it gives you power over your customers property presentation and an edge to gain their listings.

Discounted Pricing

Clients love to hear their realtor say "they've got a guy" so now “you have a guy” for property clean outs and junk removal you can refer with peace of mind. Our Realtors and their clients are automatically given the best pricing we can afford to give.

Kickbacks Are King!

Not only will your clients get the best service for the best price, so will you! We kick back 5% of every job you refer to us!

realtor discounts for decluttering junk removal and property cleanouts in nh and ma

This Way To The VIP Line…

Local Realtors and Property Management Firms in the area get our VIP service and discounted pricing for property cleanouts and junk removal services. If you or your client need a property cleaned up or decluttered to go on the market or sell faster all you need to do is call us and we automatically move your property to the front of our schedule.

We will offer you property decluttering, junk removal, and cleaning services at rates that will literally shock you and your customers

Top notch professional service from the most established junk removal company in the area

All inclusive pricing that includes:

  • Loading, unloading, sorting, recycling, donating of items, and cleaning services for the property (if desired)
  • Equipment, personnel, transport mileage, gas and toll prices
  • All disposal fees, including special disposal fees for televisions, refrigerators, mattresses, tires, and air conditioners


Get The Ball Rolling...

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Decluttered Properties Sell Fast!

Sell Listings Faster With Our Property Decluttering Service

What this service does is really empower you over your listings. You know what a house needs to look like to sell and now you have the control to get it there without having to rely on your client finding the time to do it or the manpower, let alone the energy.

sell listings faster with decluttering and junk removal discounted services

“Save Your Back, We Got Willys!”

Another great perk about our service is we do all the work! Thats right – have a lazy sloppy client that would never get around to cleaning that basement or garage? PERFECT we do it all so they won’t have to and we get it done fast, helping you to sell it fast!

When we show up, all your client has to do is point, and as quickly as they point, we wisp it away on to the truck and the next thing you know you have a listing decluttered of all junk and ready to be shown.


About Trash Can Willys Property Cleanouts

We are a local company that specializes in both residential and business junk removal, property cleanouts, and helping home owners to declutter their properties for the lowest cost in the area.

We guarantee all property management companies, realtors, and their clients the lowest cost in writing possible. How can we do this you may ask? The answer is simple, we go above and beyond our competition’s efforts to recycle, resell, or donate the junk we remove. Its a win win scenario, you and your clients save a lot of money while we are able to service that many more customers all while benefiting the local community


What Do We Remove?

Our motto is “You name it, We take it!”. We are able to take anything and everything your client needs removed except for hazardous materials and liquid paint or stains. We can handle as much work as you have to refer us, any size job, all with a fast turn around tim. From hoarders with piles of newspapers to the ceiling, barns full of junk from god knows when, to small jobs like the little old lady around the corner who has dated furniture that needs to be removed for the listing to gain traction in the modern market of today. Whatever you or your clients need, we can provide the solution to prepare the property quickly to show and sell.

Common Realtor FAQ's

Where Do We Service?

Our service area is from Boston, Mass north to Laconia, NH, and West from Milford NH to the Sea Coast. A very large area, and we do go outside that territory if it makes sense for us and the client, typically for larger jobs.

How Are Our References?

Excellent in short. We have worked very hard since day one to not burn a single bridge anywhere with customers or suppliers, which was a very difficult task. Sure, there were a few mistakes along the way, we may have a handful of poor reviews online but considering we service roughly 3000 customers yearly, have been in business going on 9 years, serviced a total of almost 30k customers, a handful of poor reviews is really unavoidable. For the most part, anywhere and everywhere you look online you will find above average reviews on our company, service, and pricing.

(if you check Yelp, we have a pending class action suit with them as they have our account setup to "not recommend" any good reviews we have and have the reviews sorted in a way only the bad ones are visible for the first few pages and then 10 pages of excellent reviews. We stopped using their service and they took revenge... horrible company...)

What Is Our Turn Around Time?

Fast! We can typically get to a small job on the same day or next day your client calls us. For a larger sized job within three days we can begin and quickly finish the job, using our entire staff when need be.

What Forms Of Payment Do You Take?

We accept any form of payment except for checks when a client is in the process of moving. If its paid for by a business a check it's fine and a 30 day net is our preferred term with realtors and companies that have setup an account with us. Invoices and payments are never taken until after we have successfully completed a job. We typically do not require deposits on business funded jobs but there are some larger jobs for home owners that have required us to ask for a 30% deposit to cover large disposal costs, however this is very rare. Payment from a homeowner is typically expected immediately upon a satisfactory walk-through of the property.

And Are You Insured?

We are fully insured to suitable limits for the work being carried out. We carry a general liability policy, umbrella policy, and all of our staff is covered under Workman’s Compensation Insurance

How Do We Start The Process Of Moving Forward?

Thanks for considering us!! We look forward to having an opportunity to earn your business! Please fill out the form above to refer a client for a referral kickback. Thanks for reading and we look forward to speaking with you soon!