Sofa Couch Disposal And Removal Service In NH & MA

You point out the junk - we do all the work - Pickups as low as just $35!!

  • Need old couches, old Sofas, mattresses, beds, bureaus, tv's, refrigerators removed and disposed of properly? We take it all!
  • The fastest furniture, couch, and appliance Removal service around
  • Are any of your couches or sofas in good condition and you are just getting rid of them to make room for the new ones? Well, we are the only company that will actually pay you for your junk!
  • The lowest rates in the area to properly pickup and dispose of your old Sofa and couches
  • Most other Couch removal companies require your junk furniture to be contained in the garage or curbside, they make you do all the work!? With Trash Can Willys we will remove the junk furniture from anywhere on your property = attics, basements, sheds, even crawl spaces. We get it out!
  • We provide a reliable and affordable hauling service, we confirm every appointment the day before, and are 10 minutes early for every pickup rain, snow, sleet, or shine
  • A Green Company, 10% of all profits are donated to Green Peace! We also recycle everything!!

sofa couch removal disposal recycling pickup
We Dispose Of Couches For As Low As $35!

Let Us Help, Call Today For a Free Quote!


A Little About Our Sofa And Couch Removal Services

We have all heard the saying "one man's trash, is anothers treasure" right? Well we make this statement a reality. When you call us up we will give you an estimate on the expected cost to remove your junk in NH & MA. Once we show up the first thing we will do is confirm everything that you "just want out" and verify the phone estimate and definitive price for the work to be done and items to be removed. These prices, barring any unforseen events are concrete...


If you feel any of the sofas or couches to be removed hold value - at this time you can point them out to us. Our driver will actually check market value on the spot for the items you have noted and find their true value. You are then given 50% of the items value off your junk removal. The result is you get all the junk gone you wanted and make the same profit on valuables that you would at a consignment store without ever having to worry about transporting the items there AND waiting to get paid. It's just a win win for our customers and us by helping the customer win!

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