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Let's face it, getting rid of junk in Litchfield is a pain. The Town of Litchfield has a dump but its limited to say the least, if you're like most home owners, the junk just keeps piling up.

Trash Can Willys Junk Removal Service is here to help Litchfield NH Residents get rid of their junk easily. We are a local veteran owned, family junk removal service rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and serving Litchfield for 14 years. You name it we take it, all you have to do is point and we remove your junk from where it sits for as little as just $35! No job is too big or small we take it all fast and leave your home clutter free! What a relief!

Promises to our customers:

  • We beat any written estimate and always give the lowest price you will find anywhere in New England
  • Fast, professional, and courteous service - check out our 5 star reviews!
  • If we can recycle, resell, or donate any of your unwanted items we will offer aggressive discounts. Sometimes we even buy your junk!

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Three Affordable Ways For Litchfield Residents To Get Rid Of Junk

We are a small local Veteran owned and an A+ rated member of the Better Business Bureau. We specialize in helping the residents of Litchfield and surrounding areas dispose of unwanted items, junk, and debris in the most affordable, convenient, and unique ways available in the area:

Full Service Removal As Low As $35!

We can take just about anything and the best thing about our service is we do all the work, all you have to do is point! Thats right we remove your junk from anywhere it sits on your property. There are also no size restrictions, from whole house clean outs in Litchfield NH to television disposals, no job is too large or too small!

DIY Trash Out Dumpster Rentals As Low As $349!

Our dumpsters are extremely affordable. Unlike other dumpster removal companies we rent half dumpsters at discounted rates! This means if you have a fairly small load you can rent a half dumpster and save money since you aren't using the full dumpster. We also do not measure a half dumpster in terms of size but instead by weight giving our Litchfield NH customers yet another savings opportunity if items are big and bulky but not very heavy. Whether you need a full 20 yard dumpster or just a few hundred pounds of junk and debris hauled away and don't mind doing the work we recommend checking out our dumpster rental in Litchfield NH page for more in-depth information!

Curbside Junk Pickup & Hauling - Set your appointment for just $15!

Do you have just a few light items that need to be removed and hauled away but don't have a truck? Can you get it to the curb to where you don't need our full service junk removal and hauling? Do you not have enough junk to justify renting a dumpster? Well, we have a solution for you too! We offer residents of Litchfield NH curbside bulky item disposal services that are more affordable than any other way to dispose of a few items of junk! Find out more on our curbside junk pickup in Litchfield NH

We recycle up to 85% of the junk we remove and dispose of

Got Junk? Let Us Help, Call Today For a Free Quote!


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