Holiday Junk Removal Special Just $99!

Get rid of your holiday junk, boxes, Christmas tree, wrapping paper and more for less!

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Who We Are

Trash Can Willys is a local, Veteran owned, junk removal company Rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau with a portion of all proceeds going to benefit our Wounded Warriors and their families!

We have been in business for 13 years serving all of New Hampshire and Massachusetts with top notch, fast, and efficient junk removal services.

Holiday Special Details

For the month of December and January we will be offering holiday junk removal services for a limited low time price of just $99 for a pickup truck worth of holiday junk to be disposed of! You name it we take it! Guaranteed to beat any price!

Our elves will call on the way

Show them where the junk is, and our elves will remove it from where it sits doing all the work for you

We will recycle and donate as much of your unwanted holiday clutter as possible!

Holiday Special Pricing

Special pricing is valid in New Hampshire and Massachusetts for the months of December and January this year!

Each pickup trucks worth of holiday junk is $99 - if your load would fill 2 pickup trucks then its just $99x2

*We don't actually use a pickup truck; we use the largest "sleighs" in the area to dispose of your trash and unwanted holiday clutter - this special applies to basically 3 cubic yards of holiday junk and garbage - which is equal to a full size pickup trucks bed filled with a heaping pile 🙂

If you have more than just holiday junk, we can help with that too! Just show Willy's Elves onsite and they will give you a discounted rate using the coupon below 🙂

Just call 603-490-2177 

Disclaimer stuff - Holiday special does not include pianos, hot tub removal, shed disposal, or surcharge items and is based on 1 full size pickup truck bed in a heaping pile not falling over the sides like the Beverly Hillbillies 🙂

Every week we do one random customer's junk removal for completely FREE!!  CLICK HERE to learn more!

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We Make Junk Removal Fun For The Whole Family 🙂
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A portion of proceeds benefit Wounded Warriors and their families

A Tip For Customers Planning On Shopping Junk Removal Pricing

Everyone of course wants to know "How much is this gonna cost" and most people have the common knee jerk reaction to start calling around getting prices, the only problem is, this is not a service you can get a true accurate price with over the phone. You will save yourself a lot of time and frustration by getting a proper onsite estimate. This way you are comparing actual real pricing and not just guesstimates 🙂