Here are some tips to dispose of items we have to charge additional disposal fees for. We offer you this information to stay true to our dedicated philosophy - help our customers dispose of their junk as affordably as possibly!

  • Televisions / Monitors - Carry a $25 disposal fee at our dumping and recycling facilities - you can take old tube and flat screen televisions to any Best Buy, under 42" and they will take them FOR FREE and dispose of them.
  • Air Conditioners and Refrigerators - A $15 disposal fee - Some metal recycling yards will take these and remove the freon for free as they can then recycle the metal and aluminum inside the appliances
  • Mattresses - An $18 fee - Most town transfer stations will take care of these if you can get them there, yes half the battle, but an option.
  • Tires - $5 fee for car or truck tires - Your mechanic should be able to take these for just $2 each, if not a local junk yard will for the same price

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