A Day In The Life Of Trash Can Willys Junk Removal Service

Slow day today at TCW. We had one crew out to help a lady with some television disposals in Tewksbury. Then we helped a gentleman clean out a storage locker in Hampstead. Finallyour last customer, another lovely lady, we helped to clean out her basement, and finally we pulled a baby Grand Piano out of a single family home that was passed on for generations. The pianos is nice, very sharp looking. We took it out for a discount because we thought we may be able to sell it.

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Shayne ran the crew with William today. Shayne would normally answer calls coming in to the business but he was having some serious cabin fever set in and needed to get out on the truck teams for a few weeks to get the spider webs out. Since the snow stopped falling and really hasn't started melting until just recently he was going nuts in the office and just wanted to get to work. Our busy season is coming on very slow this time, too slow. I think its just because the snow was so deep nobody is lookinng to get started cleaning up their properties yet... I don't blame them, every day my wife yells at me about how she cant take one step in our garage LOLOL I guess it comes down to that good old saying. "The shoemakers shoes always need repearing!"  Well good night friends and customers from Trash Can Willys and HEY! don't forget we have a Spring Special coupon for $40 off any load quoted $100 or more! A great deal considering our prices are already the best in the area, "heck its really just a ploy for all of us to get up off our lazy butts and get buzy!" as my late Uncle Willy would have said with pride hahahah thanks and be well.

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3 Affordable Solutions For Disposing Of Your Junk!

Whatever your budget we have the answer!

Full Service Junk Removal

All you have to do is point and we remove it. We remove your junk from wherever it may sit on your property! From whole house clean outs to just picking up and disposing a television, we can help!

Why does our pricing rock? Well, unlike other junk removal companies we do not squeeze everyone into a "one price fits all" pricing structure.

We discount junk removals based on:

  • Your location, or where our truck route is on the given day you prefer to have your junk picked up and removed
  • If you have a lot of unwanted items that aren't necessarily junk, and may even have some value, we take that into consideration! We essentially buy your junk by discounting your removal! We then sell these items in our "Not So Junky, Junk Store"!
  • Do you have unwanted items that may not offer much value, but could still possibly be used? We will donate the items and discount your junk removal! Last year we donated over $55,ooo worth of merchandise to the Epilepsy Foundation alone!
  • Do you have a lot of items made from different types of metals? How about laptops, computer towers, bicycles, or file cabinets? These are just a few items we can discount your removal for based on volume! Last year we recycled over 1.2 million pounds of scrap metal items!
  • In addition to helping you get the lowest price possible for our full service junk removal this approach also helps our environment by keeping items that aren't trash out of our landfills!

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