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Proven Hot Tub Relocation Service You Can Trust

So you spend $6,000 on a beautiful fully equipped spa 2 years ago and have decided to sell your home... Unfortunately there aren't many options for people in this situation typically relocation services are very expensive using cranes and they typically opt to just leave their investment behind sadly losing the money they spent and more so the enjoying times they had in it.

Well Trash Can Willys is excited to give owners in this situation another more attractive option TAKE IT WITH YOU! Why leave it behind, why spend a fortune moving it with someone else!? We have spent the last years refining our hot tub removal service, now having disposed of almost 300 Hot Tubs we have refined our process so much that we can confidently and effectively relocate your hot tub, with no damage to the hot tub or property and without using a crane and charging you a small fortune!

Call us today for a free, no obligation, quote! 603-490-2177

We offer:

  • Professional and experienced jacuzzi relocation services for less than anyone else
  • Our hot tub relocations start as low as $199!
  • Need an old hot tub disposed of in the process? We can do that too! How about a garage or attic cleaned out of junk as well? No Problem!
  • Rest assured because your in good hands, no complaints, excellent reviews, and fully licensed and insured!

Providing junk removal and junk hauling services to New Hampshire and Massachusetts

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