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Cost To Get Rid Of Junk In NH & MA?

If you have junk it certainly isn't easy in New Hampshire to get rid of junk through towns or garbage companies, hence why there is a plethora of both reputable and fly by night junk removal companies. Sometimes alot of options are good- you get to shop for quality paired with cost factors. The only problem is most of the time you, the general consumer, do not know what a professional in the industry would know. That said, this is aimed at helping you with advice from an industry professional in the recycling business.

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Trash Can Willys vs all the 800 Junk Companies Out There

The three largest junk removal companies you would think offer similar junk pickup services at a glance. But from an inside professionals point of view there are great variations. First lets look at the similarities. The top three offer service to roughly the same areas, all will take everything you need them to besides hazardous materials, and all 3 carry similar licenses and insurance coverage. That’s about it for similarities.

For differences there are quite a few but to avoid rambling I will stick to the largest differences and keep it short.

Junk Trucks Used - All three believe it or not claim to use the largest trucks in the industry locally. This is not true. Both Got Junk and Junk King use the exact truck, a 10 foot rack body Hino. These are smaller flat bed trucks, like a box truck but with no box. Their truck’s comprise an area roughly 10 feet long x 6.5 feet wide cargo footprint and can only be filled with up to 4 feet of junk height because they need to be able to enclose their junk with a roll out tarp so while driving the garbage isn't bellowing out of them when driving down the highway. Trash Can Willys on the other hand uses a 17’ box truck. The cargo area in these trucks are much larger than a “rack body” roughly 15 feet long, 6.5 feet wide, and a whopping 7.5 feet tall. Clearly the larger of the 3 company’s trucks.

Pricing Gone Wild - All 800 franchise junk removal places pricing and Junk King both price their loads almost identically. They divide their truck in to 8 segments and offer rates according to how much of their truck you fill. Their prices both are approximately $115 per 8th of a truck with discounts the more you fill their truck by 10% up to a full truck, meaning a full truck costs around $700 and a pickup truck’s worth of junk costs about $160 to $230. So in simple terms, imagine just one 8 foot bed Ford f150 pickup truck filled only levelly and you are paying between $160 and $200… some may say, that's alot for a little?! Precisely. “It’s honestly ridiculous!” you will often hear if you ask one of their previous customers like we have. Trash Can Willys pricing is a little more level headed and easier to stomach, our rates are typically between $99 to $140 per pickup truck, over a 30 percent savings most of the time.

Junk Is Not Just Junk - All Franchise Companies claim to be green companies because they recycle… and they do, but not for the reasons you may think. Metal is worth money, they recycle all the metal they haul away, therefore being paid to do so instead of paying to dump it by the ton at a dumping facility. This is the extent of their “green” recycling systems, they recycle simply because they profit from it. Trash Can Willys prides ourselves on being a truly green company. Yes, we recycle metal and are paid for it but it goes way beyond that. When we quote a job we take notes as to what can be donated and to what local charities in order to help the less fortunate in all of the communities we serve; we also take this into consideration when pricing a removal and offer a lower removal cost to pass along the savings to our customers from us not having to dump that weight. What happens to items that aren't good enough to be donated but with a little elbow grease could be like new, we “up-cycle them” refinishing wood, repairing lawn mowers, and reselling tires that may still have life in them are a few examples of our up-cycling process. The end result is a lower average cost of removal for our customers then our competitors for going the extra mile to save on dumping fees, a community that benefits greatly from our efforts, and finally a company that dumps less into landfills for our future generations to eventually deal with.

The Extra Mile - When you schedule a junk removal with any of these 3 companies you will get good service. The drivers and helpers are polite, clean, and professional. They will remove everything you point too from anywhere on the property and if cleaning a space or house they”ll leave it broom clean. Trash Can Willys does offer a slight advantage here as well though, if you are a senior or unable to move around something in your home when we visit like a television moved to a different spot in the house, or a bureau brought from upstairs to a downstairs bedroom, we do it, and do it for free. 1 free item relocation per visit as our way of saying thanks for your ongoing patronage.

The Phone - This is a simple and fast last topic. Just like in any other industry when you call corporations and franchises you either will typically get your call answered by a computer voice prompted system or you will speak with a customer service rep that has never seen their own companies trucks in person quoting your removal via phone. With us, the owner himself answers every single call and quotes every single job either in person or on the phone whichever is more convenient for you.

So there you go these are the largest differences between the three largest local junk removal companies in New Hampshire and although we are obviously biased and would love to earn your business all of the above is fact and verifiable. We Hope this helped and if we don’t hear from you, please just do not put yourself at risk and use a fly-by-night company. They put you and their employees at risk typically through lack of insurance coverage and our environment because they typically will improperly dispose of items or even worse illegally dump in our lovely New Hampshire woods.

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3 Affordable Solutions For Disposing Of Your Junk!

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We discount junk removals based on:

  • Your location, or where our truck route is on the given day you prefer to have your junk picked up and removed
  • If you have a lot of unwanted items that aren't necessarily junk, and may even have some value, we take that into consideration! We essentially buy your junk by discounting your removal! We then sell these items in our "Not So Junky, Junk Store"!
  • Do you have unwanted items that may not offer much value, but could still possibly be used? We will donate the items and discount your junk removal! Last year we donated over $55,ooo worth of merchandise to the Epilepsy Foundation alone!
  • Do you have a lot of items made from different types of metals? How about laptops, computer towers, bicycles, or file cabinets? These are just a few items we can discount your removal for based on volume! Last year we recycled over 1.2 million pounds of scrap metal items!
  • In addition to helping you get the lowest price possible for our full service junk removal this approach also helps our environment by keeping items that aren't trash out of our landfills!

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