Alot of us, myself included until this year, sometimes tend to wait until our cars are covered in snow to find a plow to dig us out. If they do a fair job for 30 or 40 bucks depending upon your driveway size we tend to keep their number and keep calling them when it snows. Most think that they are getting the best service for the price their willing to pay, you aren't. Here are 10 reasons to not run to Craigslist when the snow starts to fly:

  1. Most "plow guys" on craigslist do not carry any insurance so if your driveway, grass, or sprinkler system among many other things get damaged you are SOL
  2. Alot of people think that on Craigslist you will find a better deal. What makes more sense for getting a good deal? Having a plow company in New Hampshire compete for your business years in to the future or a guy that will show up maybe 2 or 3 times to plow your driveway? You tend to get better deals from those who retain you as a regular customer and know they will be plowing your driveway the next few years if giving you good value.
  3. When a CL plow guy pulls up and your driveway is covered in snow they have to guess the layout of your driveway. Your lawn and pavement are depending on their guesswork. When working with a plow company we come out and sketch your driveway free of charge in the off season before being covered with snow so we can chart where to put the snow and where to mark the edges of your driveway
  4. Craigslist plow drivers in New Hampshire aren't the easiest to get ahold of when the snow is coming, this forces you to call 4 to 8 listings and hope they know what they are doing?? We answer our phone every time it rings!
  5. In the middle of storms Craigslist plow drivers in New Hampshire stack jobs 5 to 10 jobs deep to ensure they stay busy as they have no regular clientele. This means once you finally get in touch with a driver it may be 5 to 6 hours before they even show up
  6. Accountability - a freelance plow driver has nothing to be accountable for, if they don't show up for you and leave you buried because they were tired and called it a day before getting to your house what happens? If they damage something and you dont realize it, what happens? Even if you do notice damage, what can you really do about it?? When using a plow company in NH there is accountability. IF we don't show up it tarnishes our excellent reputation, if we damage something we are required by law to be accountable for our actions.
  7. Pricing and value added services. A craigslist plow driver shows up and plows your driveway and is gone in 15 minutes typically, that's it. You still have to shovel your mailbox, digout your cars, shovel your sidewalk, deck or patio etc. Wonder if for just a few bucks extra we told you we would do it all and you can stay inside, sip hot cocoa, and watch us from the warmth and comfort of inside your house? Again, just more value for your dollar.
  8. Wonder if you don't have cash?, Most drivers want cash?? Well with a company a check and credit card work just fine 🙂
  9. When using our plow service in New Hampshire you can set the level you want us to plow at, not exactly something that's even remotely possible with someone off Craigslist. If you want us to plow your driveway after 4" we are there, if you would rather wait until after storms, you can count on us to show up when expected
  10. "why is he plowing the driveway and the cars are still in it?" a question I have asked myself more than once. Craigslist plowers wont typically wait until you move your cars, they will just plow, thats it. We have the common decency to let you know we have arrived and wait for you to move your vehicles, after all thats one of the reasons we are there, to help you.

Please consider these points and give us a chance at earning your business. You may just be surprised at how thorough and great our service is for the same amount your paying some random unskilled, untrained, uninsured, person to do. Learn more on our staff...

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